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I have had some healings with Deepal and I found her to be very intuitive. She has a gentle nature and is committed to serving at all times. I am so grateful to her and look forward to more healings

Sunita K

I am Deepal's aunt. At my first session of healing, we immeadiately  removed 2 big blockages and I saw the results very soon. At the second session, Deepal removed my old deep set fears and beliefs connecting to it. Within seconds we were able to release these fears.  Its a quick and strong healing with a great  impact and i feel lighter and happier. Bless you.


Hi Dee, Thank you very much for the great healing you have given me. I feel lighter and happier after our session. I can still feel shifts are happening within my body. I can highly recommend Dee to anybody who is looking to up their health and life with the gentle guidance of Dee. Thank you again, Suzie


Deepal provided a very powerful healing. Throughout my session with her, I felt security and trust. I would highly recommend her.


I had several healing sessions with Dee. She helped me to transform my limiting beliefs and move forward in my life. Dee is a gifted healer who held me in a safe space. Her great knowledge of energy healing goes hand in hand with her amazing intuition. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is stuck, needs clarity and deep transformation in their lives.


I had a wonderful Theta healing session with Deepal. She has such an incredibly calming and grounding energy. I felt totally safe in her care. She guided me through the session with total ease. We were working on issues around ears and hearing the truth and Deepal led me to discover the core issue was a set of dual beliefs around feelings of completeness that were counteracting one another. When these were cleared a whole set of unresourceful beliefs collapsed. It was a really gentle and extremely effective healing. I recommend Deepal.


I had a session with Deepal with reference to technology and she helped me look after me, thank you very much, I feel free now with excitement towards my life and ready to step forward!


After a breakthrough NLP session with Deepal, I was able to manage my thoughts in a better way and move forward with my thinking. Her attention to detail in our conversation was incredible and she helped me deal with issues that have been holding me back, stopping me from being the best version of myself. She addressed several areas and used 3 or 4 different NLP techniques to engage my unconscious mind and rewire it, giving me intentions to further progress with my career. It has been a revelation and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can put this work into practise. 

Many thanks again,


I hadn’t heard of Theta Healing until I met Deepal. Our session together was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had on my personal development journey. I presented with a specific emotional pain that no other mode of therapy had been able to release me from. The belief-limiting trauma that my soul had been carrying for lifetimes has finally been taken from me - and all within an hour! Not only do I now want to learn to deliver Theta Healing myself, I will absolutely return for further 1-2-1 sessions.

Deepal has a beautiful nature and a kind soul. Her faith, intuition, and unconditional love create a perfect bubble of safety, protection, and space in which to cry through vulnerabilities, allowing for an open channel to receive personal insights and past life revelations. I now have a greater understanding of my Self, my heart is lighter, I feel absolute relief, blessed for my new found freedom, and grateful for our serendipitous collaboration.

Do not hesitate in contacting Deepal, she will wholeheartedly guide you to your soul’s deepest desires and to the betterment of your whole health.

Jo, Lancashire

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